Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Monitoring & Evaluation Site by UNICEF's Evaluation Office

UNICEF's Evaluation Office has developed a website called, MyMandE. As stated on the websites homepage, MyMandE "is an interactive WEB 2.0 platform to share knowledge on country-led M&E systems worldwide. In addition to being a learning resource, My M&E facilitates the strengthening of a global community, while identifying good practices and lessons learned about program monitoring and evaluation in general, and on country-led M&E systems in particular."

"While My M&E was founded by IOCE, UNICEF and DevInfo, it is managed by a consortium of partner organizations including IDEAS, IPDET, WHO/PAHO, UNIFEM, ReLAC, Preval, Agencia brasileira de Avaliacao, SLEvA and IPEN. If your organization wishes to join the consortium as a partner, please send an email to Marco Segone, UNICEF Evaluation Office, at msegone@unicef.org."

"My M&E is a collaborative website whose content can be modified continuously by users. To develop and strengthen a global community on country-led M&E systems, registered users have the facility to complete their own social profile and exchange experiences and knowledge through blogs, discussion forums, documents, webinars and videos."

Marco Segone discusses MyMandE in an presentation available online. MyMandE has the following sections:
  • Wiki
  • Community
  • Webinars
  • Videos
  • How to
  • Trainings
  • Virtual Library
  • Jobs
  • Roster
Under Videos, my 3-part series on impact evaluation is listed! So, for those interested in international program/project evaluation this site provides many resources (and hopefully more will be added) and allows the international community of M&E people to contribute.
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  1. UNICEF works should be definitely monitored because in all the UN related organizations there is allot of Nepotism and favoritism. In Kharog Tajikistan they are having few projects which could have been implemented better if there would not be favoritism.

  2. The US President Reagan commonly used the phrase, "trust, but VERIFY." From my experience, almost all local, international, multi-national and government organizations need to be monitored for conflict of interest, nepotism, and favoritism. Hopefully, any "objective" evaluation of these projects would highlight this issue.