Sunday, September 12, 2010

Using Excel to Create a Gantt Chart

Every project or program must present with the proposal a Gantt Chart illustrating its list of activities and completing dates. After being awarded, the Gantt Chart must be revised and updated.
Not only does every project need a Gantt Chart but virtually all project staff use MS Excel spreadsheet application. What is very nice, several people have published helpful instructions on how to use Excel to quickly create useful and easy to understand Gantt Charts.

Michelle McDonough has published her set of instructions here: Gantt Charts from MS Excel
The site, Techblissonline, presents a downloadable Excel Gantt Chart template. An example is shown below.

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  1. Gantt charts are important tools in managing projects that are complex. It is a visual representation of the tasks that are to be carried out. We can create a gantt chart using to excel sheet. Thanks....