Friday, February 11, 2011

Online Training in Monitoring and Evaluation

The Global Health eLearning Center is provide online training in various topics, some of which include monitoring and evaluation (M&E). Some of the M&E course include:

  • Data Quality
  • Data Use for Program Managers
  • Economic Evaluation
  • M&E Frameworks for HIV/AIDS Programs
  • M&E Fundamentals
In order to take these online courses you must register, but registration is free. Also, certificates can be earned for these courses.

So, go to Global Health eLearning Center and take an online M&E course!


  1. This is a good start Larry. For someone just beginning in the M&E industry (just finishing a Masters in Public Health in intervention & evaluation science), where would you reccommend someone start who wants to specialize in m&e of child behavioral programmes? Any suggestions on who to network with?

  2. Hey there Larry! Good day to you all readers. I agree with Christopher, this is a really good start. I also noticed in the sidebar pictures about PDAs for Child Case Management. This industry needs to be really updated technology wise. I'm glad you did!

  3. In today's scenario Online Graduate Program give more benefit to students particularly for those who can not attend the regular class and wish to advance in their career. Online courses is preferred mostly by working personals, soldiers, home maker and physically disabled persons

  4. Thanks for the advice!!

  5. i observe that m&e courses are expensive for some of us. what are the alternatives for someone who wants knowledge of m&e?

  6. Hi Larry, Its a very good initiative. Normally i am googling some of the courses/trainings related to M&E sector. either the courses are very expensive in the market. Thanks for the online course

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  8. Thank you. This is wonderful. Just a question, how much does it cost me to get a certificate of this M&E course?

  9. The costs of online course vary greatly. This is the cheapest I know of but I can't speak to quality.