Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Catalog of Survey Quesitions

How often have you had to develop a questionnaire for a needs assessment, baseline or end-line survey, and not only for one project, but several that address different issues? At times like these it would be nice to have a catalog of questions to review to see which ones may be appropriate and relevant or which ones with some adaptation could be appropriate and relevant.

The International Household Survey Network has now developed an easily accessible online Catalog of Survey Questions. Currently, it has now about 2500 questions that have been used in about 1300 different surveys. You can filter types of surveys and questions by country, year (1950-2011) and type. There are four types of surveys: 1) demographic and health survey, 2) income and expenditure, 3) multiple indicator cluster survey, and 4) population and housing census.

I think this is a good start, however, several of the links do not work. For example, since I'm involved in a child labor project in Amman, Jordan, I thought I would download the Child Labor Study questionnaire used in West Bank/Gaza. But, the link does not work. I have sent an email to IHSN and I'll let you know if they respond. Nonetheless, many of the links to the questionnaires do work.

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