Wednesday, June 29, 2011

GPS and Google Earth/Maps

Two new handbooks are available for download, one in English and one in Russian, titled:

Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction Mapping Using Google Earth & GPS: A Handbook

This handbook, produced by Save the Children, to aid humanitarian organizations, local governments and central governments to use mapping methodologies with Google Earth virtual globe, map and geographic
information programs in disaster risk reduction. Using affordable GPS (global positioning system) units, and free Google Earth/Maps, local communities can produce highly accurate maps that can be easily understood by wider communities, and provide a useful picture for targeting disaster preparedness, prevention, and mitigation resources.

Not only can GPS units and Google Earth/Maps facilitate community disaster risk reduction, but in Jordan these are being used to map child labor locations as well as child labor services.

These handbooks are available in the DME Documents section to the left.

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